Thursday, March 3, 2022

5 health hazards behind fashion

Women are frantically searching for the latest trends in the fashion world, and many are eager to buy clothes, shoes and bags from the best brands without paying attention to the health damage behind the pursuit of high fashion. . The price that women pay for buying clothes and other complements of elegance is not limited to material aspects, but also to the many health damages that can result from the wrong choice of these clothes under the slogan of fashion. The "Ship" site presents a set of health damage that can result from the pursuit of fashion and fashion: 1- high heels When talking about the harms of fashion and healthy fashion, the first thing that comes to mind is high heels, which many women exaggerate in their size, and many studies confirm that wearing high heels causes deformities in the spine, bones of the legs and thighs. . 2- heavy handbags Many women carry heavy handbags, put phones, cosmetic boxes, water bottles and many other things inside, and the weight of this bag can cause severe back pain, neck and shoulders, especially if the wearer wanders the market for a long time. . 3- Backpacks for children The search for fashion and its latest trends is no longer the prerogative of adults. Indeed, many children only feel satisfied when they buy modern clothes and bags, including backpacks that carry many books, laptops, etc., and pose a threat to the health of the spine. spine, bones and soft neck and shoulder muscles in children. 4- Wallets for men Many men used to put their bulging wallets with money, papers and miscellaneous cards in their back pockets, and sit on these wallets in the car and in the office.Studies show that these wallets cause a lot of damage to the back, hips and shoulders. 5- Skinny jeans Tight jeans have become widespread among men and women recently, especially during the summer, and in fact, the damage caused by wearing these pants goes beyond the feeling of tightness and the inability to sit comfortably, as they can cause chronic nerve infections in the thigh which need to be removed for a long time for treatment.


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